Without a doubt about Extending SATA cables when it comes to DVD and disk drive

When you look at the initial Xbox 360 the DVD drive sits atop the GPU heatsink and contains a stubby SATA cable for the connection, along with a energy cable nearly the same as usually the one when it comes to DVD into the xbox that is original.

Very Very Carefully peel this away to show 2 bare cables (both are ground) and 2 coated cables (data signals).

Reconnect one other end associated with cable to your ribbon cable when you look at the in an identical way. To position the DVD player as observed in this laptop you will have to expand this cable by about 4 to 5 ins. The cable should now prepare yourself to get!

DVD drive energy connector

One other cable going to the DVD drive could be the charged energy connector. It includes an “Eject” sign.

This comprises of a team of black colored cables by having a white plug on each end. It really is more compared to DVD’s SATA cable but nonetheless, in stock type, maybe maybe maybe not for enough time to go the drive extremely far. Observe that the pinouts at both ends for the cable are identical, hence the wires “flip”, or get a get a cross one another from end to get rid of. It is possible to tell which means the cable is intended become placed because of the little track of the medial side associated with plug. More about this later on.

The cable cut in two. Increases as being an art spider that is modern.

  • Cut (2) lengths of ribbon cable with 5 strands each. About 5-inches very long must certanly be good.
  • Solder each one of the ribbon cables towards the 5 cables on both edges for the plug, as shown above.
  • Insulate the cables with electric tape or little items of heat shrink tubing. Needless to say you will need to don’t forget to slip the tubing on before the connection is made by you. Irrespective, heat shrink tubing provides it an excellent clean appearance whenever done. We usually do ours by having a lighter, the shrinks that are tubing the cables burn.
  • Connect all the plug finishes to one another utilizing the ribbon cable. In this picture the tabs are put as a result to own their tabs both in the right, so that the connections are built properly.
  • Keep in mind that the plugs will be the exact same form and have a similar pinouts. Therefore, the 5 wires from the “Left” side of this first plug hook up to the 5 cables for the “Left” side associated with the plug that is second. It’s this that causes the cables on their own to “flip” or criss-cross between your cables.

Hard Disk Connector

Now you have to give the connector for the drive that is hard. That is like the DVD technique but we must figure out a number of the pinouts manually.

Above you can view the pinouts when it comes to 360′s disk drive. There’s actually just 6 wires to help make the connection since all the pins are ground. With this instance we are going to make use of some standard size stranded ribbon cable for the ground and energy, and thin, solid Ultra ATA ribbon cable for the information, like we did with all the DVD drive.

Much like the DVD drive, solder a bit of 4-strand ribbon cable to each information strand. 2 regarding the cables should be ground, 2 information. We are going to figure out which signals these are generally into the step that is next.

Some tips about what the extended disk drive SATA plug/cable should appear to be. We have utilized a little bit of electric tape to protect the information connections, thin temperature shrinking tubing would also have worked whenever we might have had some around. Because of this project we’ve added about 5-inches of length, and with no help of prescribed drugs.

  • We must find out what the pinout is for the wires on the reverse side, but it is form of difficult to fit the probes of the multimeter into a jack such as this. Work with a tiny little bit of rigid cable (such as that clipped off a resistor) to insert into each pin associated with the jack for simple evaluating.
  • Utilize the multimeter to test which wires during the end regarding the newly extended cable are A+, A-, B- and B+. You might find it handy to label them utilizing various colored miracle markers, or by placing a little bit of Scotch tape in the end associated with the cable and rendering it having a pen.
  • Solder the cables to your motherboard utilizing the pinouts shown at the start of this area, also making https://besthookupwebsites.net/chatroulette-review/ the +5 and ground connections.

Here is exactly just how the extensive SATA/power cables should look whenever soldered into the motherboard. Notice exactly how we’ve “doubled up” the floor and energy with 2 ribbon that is stranded cables each. This ensure enough current gets through. Certain it is simply a 500ma laptop difficult drive and never, state, an electic pizza range, but it is good to be sure anyhow. Instead make use of somewhat thicker measure cable but that is not necessarily as convienent, and is commonly a little rigid and unwieldy.

Additionally observe that the two ground connections per information cable was in fact soldered to ground (reduced connections regarding the remaining and rightmost sides). It is possible to not have sufficient grounds!

Once you have had to be able to be sure that it is working precisely it’s a wise decision to “lock down” the cables with a few hot glue. You should not protect the connections, simply glue the wires down someplace nearby. just exactly What this does is keep carefully the cables from pulling or breaking without any the motherboard because the “hinge point” becomes where you have glued them straight straight down, perhaps maybe not during the connection point. A beneficial general-purpose tip for any type of electronic devices hacking.

Here is the combo unit that is final. We now have the DVD drive utilizing the hard disk connected at the trunk. In addition to this is actually the WiFi module we hacked earlier in the day, and every thing has convienent ports allowing you to connect to your primary motherboard. This approach that is modular a big assistance whenever assemblying and troubleshooting an product. The additional time it takes to incorporate plugs and ports now helps you to save time later whenever you don’t have to desolder or cut cables later on.

We are now well on our method aided by the Xbox 360 laptop computer mod. Within the next How-To we’ll cover designing and building the situation plus hacking up the LCD monitor. Keep tuned in so we’ll see after this you!