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So, stick to the facts, but make your text interesting and convincing for your readers. While you can sometimes use the passive voice, try to use it in moderation. Focus on using an active voice to improve your writing skills in your business. We all know a writer’s advice that tells us that we should write the stories we love reading. The best writing advice I’ve ever received is, “Allow yourself to write badly.” Nothing confuses a writer like striving for excellence..

Narrative writing often uses descriptive writing to help set up a scene. The purpose of this rhetorical tool is to show the reader what happened. Organization is the key to narrative writing, as the order of the events described should be chronological and understandable to the reader. So, in my opinion, there are five of my greatest strengths as a writer…

Let’s take a look at the positives at least once, instead of delving into how hard it has been to succeed in the business. Readers find it difficult to trust you when you use exaggeration to make your point.

Persuasive writing is an appeal to the reader’s mind or logic. If you are writing an argument, you are trying to prove your point by having a reasonable and convincing argument. This method of public speaking is often a call to action, that is, it encourages readers to take a stand or act on something. Fiction is writing that tells a story through narration..

You have a story idea in your head, shiny, golden and pretty, and once you try to put it on the page, it turns into something heavy, gray and weak. Frustration and despair sit next to you shaking their heads in your sad work. You waste valuable time writing articles, and reproach yourself for not producing anything special, so you end up producing nothing at all. The name you give the story – whether it’s your last name or just a placeholder – is your North Star..