Specialty “Gastroenterology” (residency)

Specialty “Gastroenterology” (residency)

Degree: Physician-Gastroenterologist

The most common admission exams are:

For admission, you need a diploma of a medical specialist or a higher education in the specialty of General Medicine.


Conditions of admissionFuture professionWhere to goTerms of trainingDisciplines included in the course of studyAcquired skillsJob prospectsProfessional development prospects

It is not just that the words “belly” and “life” are similar to each other, but our distant ancestors united them with a common meaning. This part of the human body hides vital systems from view. They are studied in the specialty 31.08.28 “Gastroenterology”. This includes the gastrointestinal tract, all ailments and pathologies associated with it.

Understanding the root of the disease, correctly diagnosing and choosing the optimal treatment is not an easy task when it comes to internal organs. A specialist cannot see them with his own eyes to give an assessment. Therefore, science has come up with numerous research methods, special equipment that makes it easier for a professional to work. But this doctor deals not only with diagnostics and therapy: preventive work is no less important. It allows you to prevent the appearance and development of diseases, which in general has a positive effect on the level and quality of life.

Conditions of admission

The objective of the course is to teach the student the theoretical foundations, to provide conditions for developing practice in working with patients. To enter the residency, you must have a specialist doctor’s diploma or get a higher education in the specialty “General Medicine”. To study at the best universities in Moscow, you will have to pass a knowledge test.

What subjects are taken upon admission, it is necessary to clarify at the department of the educational institution.

Future profession

The work of such a specialist is inextricably linked with the most important vital functions of the human body. He can deal with making diagnoses and then prescribing treatment. Modern research methods and innovative equipment help him to pinpoint the cause of the disease, with which students become closely acquainted in the learning process. The doctor can manage chronic patients, provide advice to the population in order to prevent ailments. His practical activity is inextricably linked with the execution of documentation: and this student will be taught in residency. In addition, the graduate will be able to provide emergency medical care.

Where to go

Decent conditions for studying in residency today are offered by the following universities in Russia:

Central State Medical Academy;St. Petersburg State Medical University named after Pavlov;Mechnikov North-West State Medical University;St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;Medical Academy named after Georgievsky.

Training period

The program is designed for residency studies for two years.

Disciplines included in the course of study

The future doctor in gastroenterology gets acquainted during his studies with the following subjects:

practical gastroenterology;phthisiology;infectious diseases;oncology;fundamentals of healthcare legislation;diseases of the digestive tract;ultrasound diagnostics;pathological anatomy;pharmacology.

Acquired skills

In the learning process, the student acquires valuable practical skills:

prevention of the most common ailments;making a diagnosis using different methods of examination and analysis;drawing up a competent treatment regimen;the use of new diagnostic technologies and the correct interpretation of their results;provision of first aid;diagnostics, pregnancy management and delivery;anti-epidemic measures;organization of educational events;maintenance and execution of medical records;implementation of medical manipulations.

Job prospects by profession

Despite the development of technology, pharmacology and the emergence of numerous preventive measures, gastrointestinal diseases are almost the most common. Therefore, a good gastroenterologist is worth its weight in gold. He will be hired to work in a state polyclinic, hospital. We need such specialists in private clinics.

Who do the graduates of the direction work:

gastroenterologist;department head.

Currently, a young doctor hero character essay on much ado about nothing can count on a salary level of at least 25 thousand. However, in reality, it is possible to earn much higher. Since it is possible to combine work in a private and public clinic.

The benefits of professional development

Science does not stand still, and in gastroenterology, research is constantly being carried out aimed at finding optimal solutions for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases. Therefore, many students prefer to go to graduate school, finding an attractive path as a research worker. This is a promising area for self-realization. But you can choose both practical and teaching activities.


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