Knowledge Base – Hidden Tricks Inside Of Easy Uninstaller App For Android Devices That Nobody Knows [Part 2].

You can select the unwanted items for deletion. You don’t need a Pro license to uninstall programs, but some of its tools might be helpful for certain users. For example, you can identify software that was secretly bundled, set up automatic updates on all your apps, and contact IObit directly for technical support. The improved Toolbar & Plug-in removal will monitor and remove all these useless programs and give you fast and clean online surfing experience. And the newly enhanced Chrome plug-ins removal can remove the plug-ins not installed via Chrome store.

You can also easily disable Bixby button in Galaxy S9 and S9+. They may feel it is annoyed when they accidentally access the Bixby Home when they want to access the home Easy Uninstaller APK panel of Galaxy S9 home screen. Navigating to the leftmost panel of Galaxy S9 home screen.

Fix Screen Burn

You can find the one you want to remove and right-click it. If there is an Uninstall option, you can select it to uninstall the software from your computer. You can just right-click the Start button and then select Apps & Features. When you see the Apps & features interface, you need to scroll down to find the bloatware you need to remove and then click it.

When the app appears in your search results do a long press on the app’s icon. This will generate a pop-up window giving you the option to delete the app. It’s all well and good getting excited about the latest iPhone app and downloading it to your device, but when the novelty has worn off, it’s not obvious to know how to get rid of it. When the apps begin to wiggle, you’ll see X’s in the upper left corner of the app icons.

How To Uninstall Microsoft News App In Windows 10?

As for trading in your PC or laptop, there are scads of companies that offer trade-in programs through which you can sell a wide assortment of used electronics. Options include BestBuy, Amazon, and Staples. Your local Best Buy also has trade-in options, but compare what it offers against the online services first. Even if a file name doesn’t show up on the list of available files, the old file data is still there until it is overwritten and a bad guy can use a data recovery program to retrieve it.

  • Therefore, IObit Uninstaller is a useful software for your computer as it safely uninstalls any software .
  • First start the Chrome and click Menu button .
  • Take a minute to think it through — where would be a good spot?
  • It should just pop out and then you’re good to go.
  • If there’s an icon for Edge on the desktop that you want to remove, right-click it and select Delete.

Now click on the Next button to continue with the scan process. It is important to note that this process does not delete your Bookmarks or any installed Safari Extensions. If you wish to remove your Safari Extensions as well, you can download this batch file, which will reset Safari and delete all installed extensions, while still retaining your bookmarks. Keep the check marks in each option and then click on the Reset button. Safari will delete all of your personal data and then open a blank page, which means the process has finished. To reset Safari, open the program and click on the gear () in the top right-hand corner of the window.