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ROCKVILLE, Md. — A Montgomery state rapist, which tempted their victims through dating applications like Tinder and Bumble, will spend then twenty years of his lives behind taverns.

Colin Ebony, 35, of Rockville, Maryland is sentenced by assess David Boynton monday night on Montgomery state routine Courthouse.

Ebony, an old a guidelines counselor and football coach at Einstein senior high school in Kensington, had formerly been found responsible for two counts of a second-degree intimate offense.

The Montgomery region State’s solicitors workplace mentioned in March 2017, Ebony paired with one of his victims on Tinder. Afterwards, both Black and the sufferer made a decision to meet at their apartment. Ebony then proceeded to rape the victim.

Montgomery state Police would after arrest dark in link with that instance in Oct 2017.

Around that same time, another sufferer arrived toward Virginia condition authorities with boasts that Black have additionally intimately assaulted this lady following the pair found on Tinder.

The next sufferer, who had been unacquainted with the very first victim linked to Black, mentioned the previous direction counselor raped their on New Year’s Eve in 2016 despite numerous pleas for your to cease.

One sufferer, who did not wish to be named, spoke to reporters soon after Black’s sentencing.

She stated she got delighted that fairness ultimately prevailed in case.

“Whatever you imagine, consent usually things,” she said. “and embark on always sexually assaulting people is not best,” the prey stated.

She stated she believes dark try a serial rapist hence the guy likely enjoys more victims.

“In case you are nowadays and then he injured your at all, you can appear onward,” the prey mentioned. “you will find people that shall be behind your no real matter what. I am going to be behind you no matter what.”

Other lady did come toward police to outline their unique encounters with dark.

Documents program one prey reported she ended up being an 18-year-old twelfth grade elder when Black raped the woman after an encounter in 2016 on Tinder.

The state’s lawyer’s workplace said another sufferer said Black raped her in 2017 after creating contact on Bumble. But that prey eventually do not go after criminal costs.

Ebony additionally got into dilemma with Montgomery district Public education after two recent Einstein high-school graduates stated he previously produced unacceptable experience of all of them over social networking. The school system put Black on administrative allow in 2016. He was after discharged in 2019, in line with the state’s attorneys’s company.

“i believe [Black] is a serial predator,” Montgomery district State’s Attorney John McCarthy mentioned. “i do believe it gets apparent if you see the modus operandi here.”

Black’s protection solicitors mentioned her clients intends to appeal the situation.

“I pray discover strong reasons to get it corrected because we’re sense extremely, most smashed because of the timeframe which he got,” lawyer Barry Helfand said.

Helfand after mentioned during a news conference that customers of Tinder need cautious about the dating software because “you can’t say for sure what you are going to get.”

Guy attorneys David Martella after provided another alert about the application while mentioning in security of his customer.

“In my opinion this example appears for example of exactly how hazardous really for several people are doing web relaxed sex where you stand doing intense functions with some one you really do not know,” the guy said.

What you ought to understand Tinder’s latest gender character conditions

In an effort to create the dating app considerably comprehensive, Tinder went from offering two sex choices (female and male), to a complete drop-down variety of sex identities. Discover 37 brand new terms that consist of Trans to Bigender, plus an alternative for people to write in their own personal, sex identities.

Dating application Tinder if offer their people even more sex solutions. (Photograph: Politeness Tinder)

Based on Nick Adams, the manager of GLAAD’s Transgender news plan, the significance of the newer trans and non-conforming conditions are hard to establish, “because how individuals use them differ.” The important thing is actually personal preference, but Adams aided describe certain subtleties with the Tinder sex options that customers beyond the LGBTQ people might not identify.

Agender, Neither, Non-binary?

“an individual who does not feel either of the two tags of man and woman fit all of them, and may feel like they have no gender,” states Adams.

Androgyne, Androgynous

“This usually means creating a variety of masculine and feminine characteristics.”


In accordance with to Adams, this will be an unheard of name. “this 1 is but one in which folks whom utilizes enjoys a slightly different classification.”

Sex Material, Sex Nonconforming, Sex Variation, Genderqueer

“they are terms used a lot more by individuals who generally explain on their own as non-binary, which means they don’t feel just like the two box, guy and woman, apply at them,”

Gender Questioning

“it might probably imply that they’re discovering their unique sex personality.”


Adams called us towards writer, Micah at Neutrois junk, just who defines the term this way: “Neutrois are a tricky keyword with lots of meanings drifting available, therefore simply take from this what fits, and we also could make up the relax as we run.” Micah additionally determines as “non-binary,” and runs a helpful reference manual on their blog site.

Some Other

“possibly somebody who doesn’t want to be neatly match a package.”


“That’s a truly obscure any and not one that’s made use of often.”

Trans, Trans Guy, Trans Individual, Trans Girl, Transfeminine, Transgender, Transgender Feminine, Transgender Men, Transgender Guy, Transgender People, Transgender Lady, Transmasculine, Transsexual, Transsexual Women, Transsexual Men, Transsexual Guy, Transsexual Individual, Transsexual Woman

The phrase “Trans” represent anyone whoever sex identity is different from one these were allocated at beginning. In terms of “transgender” v. “transexual,” “transgender is a more broad term that will be furthermore newer,” claims Adams. “a lot more people in the community utilize transgender than transsexual. Transsexual are a mature name that many people nonetheless use, because they need separate her experience from other individuals under trans umbrella. It’s really a matter of individual selection.”

Feminine to Men, FTM,Male to Feminine, MTF

“FTM” and “MTF” become abbreviated variations of “women to Male” and “Male to feminine,” which describe someone’s changeover. Adams states, “Those comprise terminology which were more prevalent in the later part of the ’90s and early 2000s. Obtained recently fallen out from favor.”?


That one was “a newer phrase (that) is inspired by local United states countries, to describe a person who is allocated men at delivery and existed and caused female,” or the other way around. Its an expression that’s primarily employed by people who have local United states ancestry, Adams says.

Tinder update includes 37 brand-new sex identity possibilities