7 Vital Things You Should Be Aware Of BEFORE Matchmaking A Musician


Alright, this is certainly correct. Official musician opportunity may be the “add 60 minutes” rule. If there’s a factor I’m sure a female does not fancy, it’s being stored prepared. I gotta do better. I’m not top with punctuality, but We try to be. I shall say this though – practice delays has screwed me personally over more often than not where I happened to be actually on time, but was later.


I am not girl bashing here, but allows be genuine. Some (never assume all) lady will endeavour to evaluate what you’ve complete, whom you’ve caused, and fundamentally – what they can build from your own circumstance. I can not let you know what amount of females currently overtly flirtatious with me and also pretended as curious, only to attempt to get things at no cost. It is not all girls at all, but you can find definitely several opportunists available to choose from.

Actually, I spoke with an extremely gifted singer buddy of mine, J’Maine Jones on this most matter. Shockingly, here’s what he’d to say:

“a female as soon as grabbed my bank acknowledgment out my personal give only so she could find out how much money I’d in my own membership. Subsequently after invading my personal privacy she met with the neurological to express, OH THAT’S ALL? SH*T, I WAS THINKING YOU HAVE MADE ADDITIONAL MONEY THAN THAT.”

That said, In my opinion opportunism is actually a music business problem in general. Recently I got a discussion with my pal Shay Leonia – she is a talented musician and had been asking me personally ideas on how to get into the songwriter “placement scene.”

While i believe this world all together could become a soul sucking rat race high in getting rejected and problems, I told her that my personal referral is always to means producers with “What solutions can I provide? How can I help you with jobs that you are implementing?”

This selfless mentality is certainly one that a lot of artisans never believe with, but often leads to even more advantage inside the long-run as it lets you foster and build connections in an authentic and natural styles.


At this stage, you would envision it simply is sensible up to now around the music scene. Examine all of the commonalities. You are going to display alike purpose and problems. You can be here for each more whenever activities make a mistake. You’ll be able to help each other in business sessions, plus making breathtaking duets. As a result it must be a no-brainer, right? FAULTY.

There clearly was when a period when I absolutely desired to get a hold of a girl that was pursuing songs the same as myself. I’d always envision just how great it would be to talk about that same passion of music with a person that is equally as passionate about it Im. Works out, during my 8+ several years of in the industry, it offers never taken place. Exactly why is that? Well, considering my personal skills, here’s the reason why.

  • Some women i have experienced in sounds were already matchmaking (or f*cking) a music producer in order to get no-cost files.
  • Some female artisans I came across are simply just just also stand-offish.
  • Some women have already located their unique musical husband.
  • Other females just don’t have the amount of time or interest in dating duration.

    I’m very sorry but I am not the Netflix & Chill means. I am not the Tinder kind often. We will not believe that relationships provides transformed to align with your social media crazed, amazingly low-attention span life-style, in which a swipe remaining or swipe right should determine the fortune. We however like to address a female with good old fashioned intelligent conversation and real human connection. Unfortunately, options for this types of relationships are becoming more and more limited.

    Being an artist does not allow it to be any better to bring in people. Some could even argue that it generates issues harder. We still have no idea basically’d choose to date around the music business or beyond it. All I know is we seriously want a person who is actually limiting and knowledge to the routine, if they’re an integral part of it or not.

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