15 Lesbian and Queer TikTok Creators for WLW to Follow

TikTok is largely Tinder the gays.

After countless anxiety surrounding the ongoing future of the application, it seems that the United States federal government cannot exclude TikTok.

These details may mean little for you if perhaps you were produced before 2000, but also for the scores of zoomers who’ve discovered a spot due to their wide array of passions and identities on TikTok, that is fairly big reports. Everyone knows concerning the electricity of TikTok kids to disturb governmental legal proceeding and effects culture (Charlie D’Amelio features a Dunkin’ Donuts drink named after the girl. ), but are you aware that discover thriving communities of LGBTQ+ people that use TikTok as a secure location to go to town?

If you should be a WLW, it’s the perfect time your swallow fully your pleasure and download TikTok. Or else you might just lose out on developments in your neighborhood. Listed here are all of our 15 favorite lesbian and queer TikTokers airg to enjoy TikTok remaining in app store/


Kylie and Hannah are one of the cutest people on TikTok. Not merely create they send adorable and amusing videos of the loving relationship, however they also use her system to call out common myths about WLW relationships. These TikTok, which will show Kylie astonishing Hannah inside the getup she dressed in to their very first time, is one of the countless lovable minutes the happy couple percentage along with their supporters.


Gabriella Ovalles is a Michigan condition college student with a massive utilizing on TikTok. She seems shockingly like Timothee Chalamet, provides an equally attractive twin sister, and posts countless entertaining video clips of their everyday life.


Long-time pair Hailee and Kendra 1st increased to Tik alright reputation once they started uploading Kendra’s humorous responses to Hailee’s cringey pick up traces. Since that time, they’ve obtained 2.9 million supporters and counting.


Avery Cyrus is among the most prominent TikTokers on the system with 3.7 million fans. The main topic of their movies change, but they usually function the woman lovable gf, Sophie, and address LGBTQ+ culture. We furthermore like the girl series “Avery attempts” that displays the students influencer attempting something new the very first time.


POV your girlfriend is quite feminine and in what way she really does the woman make-up seems like rocket science to ur easy notice @quinnwilsonn ##ImAMusician ##fyp

If you should be a queer femme, you almost certainly pay attention to King Princess. If you’ve ever visited among their concerts, you realize this lady has an enormous identity and the spontaneity, all of which shine through on her TikTok account. Plus, you can see this lady communicate with her gf, Quinn, like in the TikTok above.


Another adorable WLW throughout the listing, Alissa and Sam generate sexy couple’s information, but in addition meet your gay thirst trap needs (as observed above).


idgaf ab ur bf @avasage

Olivia was online dating fellow TikToker Ava Sage, while the two teenagers making a remarkably precious partners. There is something cathartic about enjoying 17-year-olds become unapologetically gay, particularly if you’re more mature hence wasn’t truly a choice inside teen ages. And yes, the eyebrow slit is actually a gay thing today, seemingly.


Ash Morgan are an appealing material creator for many causes, such as that she partnered one whenever she had been very younger, and then later figure out that she was actually a lesbian and subsequently divorce him and then leave the Mormon trust. Today, she produces videos about getting a femme lesbian, products she don’t recognize until she came out, and details about just how compulsory heterosexuality effects girls.


Cheyanne Taylor the most positive people on social media marketing. Cheyanne was once matchmaking Michelle Lundy, and with each other the two happened to be certainly one of social media marketing’s most famous WLW people. The good news is, after their unique remarkable separation, Cheyanne’s articles tend to be better yet.


the eighties never ever leftover tho ??

Vas Halastaras initial have greatest on Instagram on her similarity into David by Michelangelo, as well as the lady generally stunning androgynous charm. We like the prone, amusing, and helpful contents she’s come uploading.


fresh look what we thinkin?

Another illustration of the Gen-Z gay female brow slit pattern, Hannah blogs most lip sync movies made particularly for WLW.


To begin with, Marth merely ridiculously hot. A self-proclaimed masc bisexual, many Marth’s content relates to WLW tradition and trends. The rest of it’s laugh aloud amusing or completely drool-worthy.


Although we prefer the woman ex-girlfriend, there is absolutely no doubt that Michelle Lundy is one of the hottest lesbians on TikTok. She mainly posts cringey thirst traps or desperate ploys for Cheyanne’s interest, but it all is able to end up being entertaining (regardless of if they kind of sad).


When you pal region each other straight back & out for six months

Soph, that is online dating Avery Cyrus, keeps a million TikTok fans of her very own, making them some a TikTok electricity couple. Soph blogs less lengthy type video than Avery, but this lady infectious smile and positivity produces all their clips totally charming.


With an extraordinary 2.4 million fans, Hannah Raisor has become the prominent WLW TikTokers. All of it started because of the preceding TikTok, that has a cool 3.1 million wants and counting. She furthermore can posting beneficial and stimulating material on her behalf millions of supporters.